Join us for a community-building and healing-oriented event for youth leaders and adult advocates seeking to bring radical safety to schools and address sexual harassment. Alliance for Girls is co-hosting this event with Unity Council to prepare both youth and adult advocates for a new school year prioritizing policies and programs that help sexual assault/harassment survivors. 

This event will provide advocates seeking to address sexual assault with a safe space to address sexual harassment in schools. Conversations fostered in this space will disrupt the culture of silence that so often shrouds instances of sexual assault and allows them to continue under the radar. Students and advocates in attendance will be encouraged to share their ideas and recommend strategies to address sexual harassment in schools.

The event will be fully virtual event and will take place on Saturday, August 6. It is open to all youth and youth champions. $15 Visa Gift cards will be provided to youth 24 and under who RSVP and attend the event, and an additional $15 will be provided to the first 20 youth, thanks to The Unity Council.


Town Hall Safety in School

  • Saturday Aug 06 2022, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Online