Join us for a celebration of our girl* leaders. Over the last year, Alliance for Girls has been working in partnership with BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), Betti Ono, The Unity Council, Black Girls Brilliance and other community-based organizations to develop a comprehensive gender equity action plan to increase safety from gender based violence.


Since February 2020, we have been developing this work with partners and are excited to share and celebrate the progress we have made! We'll hear from youth leaders, artists, and BART officials on the importance of this work, including:

  • Anyka Barbar, Founding Director of Betti Ono

  • Lateefah Simon, President of the BART Board of Directors

  • Haleema Bharoocha, Advocacy Manager of Alliance for Girls

  • Uche, Youth Design Strategist

  • Reminie, Youth Design Strategist from The Unity Council


We'll also share opportunities for community members to get involved. 



#GirlsPolicyAgenda #WhenGirlsThrive #RaiseYourVoice4Girls


This event is open to the community, including Alliance members, partners, youth and other champions of girls and gender-expansive youth.

For questions, please contact Haleema Bharoocha:

If you have any accommodation needs, please let us know at least 48 hours prior to the event. We'll make every effort to provide them.

*“Girls” refers to gender-expansive youth (cis girls, trans girls, non-binary youth, gender non-conforming youth, gender queer youth and any girl-identified youth).

Together We Ride: Ending Gendered Violence on Public Transit

  • Monday Oct 12 2020, 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Online